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How to check if your site is down

Over the years I’ve had clients call me up or email me saying that their site is down, but when I go to the site it seems to be ok.

So here are a couple of great sites to be sure that your site is up and running and it’s not just your internet connection Firewall or ISP provider that’s not working right.

This is a great and easy tool to use, just enter in the website address and it will tell you if the site is up or not, simple but effective.

This tool is fantastic! Worried about your site going down and missing out on new customers or are you launching a new product and not sure whether you’re hosting can handle the strain. Use this tool and never worry again.



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I just want a single icon!

Have you ever tried to find an icon for something specific and ended up on a site that is full of icon sets, well now you don’t have to.

I came across this site a while back and thought you might like to know about it

**WARNING** Please make sure read the license information as not all the icons are free to use.

I hope this helps!