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Just good simple info on SEO back links

I typed up a quick reply to a clients query and thought with a few edits it would make a good topic to share with everyone here.

Back links are one of the most important aspects you can have in your SEO campaign as it makes one of the biggest impacts on your page ranking and therefore your position in the natural searches of search engines, so get as many back links as you can.

However be aware of paid link backs and link farms as these will harm your SEO rankings. Also try to get links from related or associated websites and not just random sites as this again will help firm up that you are a vital resource or business in your chosen industry.

Finally don’t just have all the links go to your home page, you will get ranked better if you post direct links to information pages or products. It also means that the visitor doesn’t have to go looking for the page.

One last thing when you get a back link ask the website owner to not just put click here as the link, try to get them to link with the keywords of the service or product that tie into your Search Engine Optimisation.

So for example “click web design to visit the Contact Multimedia website”

Now go and build your external links!

Alan Fair

Who knows Kevin Bacon – Network Theory

I’d like to thank Chris Sutherland from Docusense Ltd for highlighting this video. It looks like a very interesting program for the times we are in.

Teleconferencing on the sort of cheap

Ok so there are free options out there like skype, MSN etc… and between 2 maybe even 3 people that can work fine, but what about all those annoying things that go wrong.

· Someone’s connection breaks, so you have to wait until they come back

· You are all trying to access things on the internet at the same time as talking so the line quality gets really bad

· You mic is picking up speaker sound and echoing everything back

That’s just to name a few.

So what is the option I’m putting on the table, well if you want a simple way to have a teleconference and don’t mind paying a little bit of cash to do it you might want to check out it’s a pay as you go teleconferencing service

I’ve used it a few times now and it works quite well, but the simplicity of this is great all you need is a landline the phone number and the pin number and that’s it.

If anyone knows of any alternatives please comment, I would love to hear about them!