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Who’s going to read my Articles???

Ok so you’ve typed up a really good article and put it up on your website, great for all the people who visit your site. What about all those people who could benefit from the great content you have but very likely will never see it.

Why not expose your article to the rest of the world, you never know you may just start to increase your visitors to your site and become an expert in your field or just known for giving away some really good solid information that helps people.

All these things usually lead to one thing, more customers, more exposure of your business, you can’t really lose anything but your time for putting th articles together and if you’re doing that for your website anyway then it’s just the submitting time to the potential sites below. This isn’t a definitive list it’s just something to get you going. Some article sites are paid, some free, some in between (ad based), so spend a few hours looking around for a suitable one for your content first.



Hi Everyone,

Well it’s been a while since I last posted anything up, but I promise I will have some really good free stuff coming up for you.

To get the ball rolling why not check out this site which could save you time for putting together slides, give you some inspiration for creating yours or you could even upload yours for others to gain from it.


Do you want to cut out some SEO guess work??

Go to this site sign up even to the free account and be amazed at some of the information you can get. If you feel particularly adventurous, check out the pro account and get access to a wealth of Search Engine Optimisations information. You can even use this to analyse your competitors to see what they are doing to get ahead in the Search Engines.

Alan Fair