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Use of images in Email Marketing

I was asked if images should be used in email marketing the other day, here is the advice that I gave the client.

You may want to have a couple of images the first being your logo as it helps your customers identify that it is coming from you, so they feel it is safe to continue reading or click on any of the links within the email.

You may also want to have an image or two in the body content but keep the  images small and relavent because Spam filters like to block emails images as they think you are trying to avoid words in the body content by putting them in the images. A good general rule that is a good rule for most things in business is the 80/20 rule for text to images.

I hope that answers your question.

Alan Fair

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7 Words to avoid in Email Campaigns

We were asked by a client to look at an email marketing campaign and give our thoughts on it (we’ll be sharing more tips over the next few months). when we looked at what they wanted to send to their customers we realised that it was going to be caught by Spam Filters they asked how they could avoid that.

The biggest part of the email that failed was the lanuage that was used. This mostly breaks down to specific words that Spam Filters will pick up on and use to evaluate the email as Spam or not Spam.

Here are 7 words you should probably avoid, we’ll build up a bigger list over time to help you
  1. 50% off!
  2. Free!
  3. Earn £££s
  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  5. Discount!
  6. Double your income
  7. You’re a Winner!

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