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Are you a Self Control Freak?

So I got sent this link in an email today and thought I would share it with everyone. I really admire the people that come up with such unique ways to use multimedia and interaction on the web, enjoy!


what is your answer, to weed or not to weed that is the question?

The Garden Pathok stick with me here it will all make sense in a minute or two.

So you have a wonderful garden, you show it off to everyone because you are so proud of it, it’s new after all!

You suddenly become so busy that the garden is now always last on your priority list, so you stop tending it, 12 months later

  • The grass grows too long
  • Weeds work their way back in
  • Bushes over run their areas
  • Trees are branching out and annoying your neighbour
  • Your little patio is dirty and dated
  • Part of the fence looks like you could put your hand through it without too much effort
  • The shed leaks when it rains
  • And there’s that half dug hole that you haven’t got round to finishing to put in the little fish pond.

So what’s happened??

You were so proud of it before and now you do nothing to maintain it, well this is exactly like most businesses with their websites.

Just think what your attitude to your site is like 1 year on compared to when you first got it.

  • Does it still have that special offer that has an expiry date that was 6 months ago?
  • Was the last news update 4 months ago and even then it wasn’t really that great?
  • Are you selling services or products you no longer really sell, or even want to sell?
  • Is there a page with coming soon or under construction there and you haven’t done anything about it?
  • Are there products or services that you do now, but aren’t even on the website?
  • Is your text even aimed at your target market now since the credit crunch hit?

Have you ever muttered this line “I’ve still to update my website, but you can get the basic information on there” or “My website is terrible, but you can get some additional details if you need it”

Wouldn’t you rather say “If you go to my website you’ll find all the up to date information for what I do and a special offer that is only on this week, but give me a call personally if you want to talk further about anything I can do for you” or “I’m sure the website can help you out with any queries you may have and if it doesn’t get in touch and tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll update it to help others with that same query“.

You wouldn’t believe how many businesses suffer from all of this, and just think how many of them are your competitors. I urge you to analyse your website, tend your online garden, so you can be proud of showing it off and that it will work as intended, an online lead generator or confirmation that you’re a trust worthy business to deal with.

If you don’t know where to start feel free to get in touch here , we’ve been doing this sort of thing for 6 years now, so we’re experts in the field ;-)


Can it be true?? 0800 on your mobile for free!

Ok so it uses up your minutes, so not strictly free, but then none of the calls from your mobile are.

Here is the email word for word that I recieved, tell everyone about it and please send them to this blog for other handy tips and freebies that are useful to someone with a business!

Kind Regards



I’m sure you are aware that you can’t call an 0800 free-phone number for free using your mobile. We think that’s wrong, so we thought about it for a while and have come up with a crafty way of making these calls for free, as they were originally designed to be.

Is it really totally free?

Yes – if you have a contract mobile package with included minutes to UK geographic numbers like 01 and 02. (Even if you use a Pay-as-you-go mobile it’s normally cheaper than calling the 0800 directly; but you need to check with your provider.)

How does it work?

1. Dial our access number 029 2000 0800 (add it to your address book)
2. When we answer, just enter the 0800 number you want to call and wait to be connected.

That’s it.

How can you do it for free?

We get a tiny fraction of a penny for the call from the network operator, not enough to matter but enough to cover our costs. But we mostly do it simply because we can, because it’s quite cool and because we think mobile phone pricing is a rip-off.

You’ll find more mobile phone workaround tricks here:

This works for 0808 and 0500 free-phone numbers too.

ps You don’t need to be a Voipfone customer to use this trick, tell your friends; send them this email!

pps If you call an 0800 number a lot, you can save it in your address book along with the access number.

So let’s say you call abc company who’s number is 08001234567, you enter abc company into your mobile, with the number as:


some phones need a ‘+’ instead of the ‘p’ (it adds a pause when dialling)

Kind Regards

Voipfone Customer Services

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United Kingdom

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Vat Registration Number 858850966

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