What makes a good logo that people will recognise?

I’m dealing with a client who is getting a logo and they asked me a question most people have probably thought about, what makes a good logo that people will recognise?

So is it the good quality design?

Let’s face it there is a lot of money spent on some of the big brand names to come up with a perfect logo, take Nike or MacDonalds for instance.

However there is another side to this, what about the other companies that spend large sums of money on a logo, but you’ve never noticed them before.

So having a good designed logo is necessary because once someone see’s it you want them to be able to recognise it again at a glance, that’s done with colour and shapes, but it doesn’t get people knowing the brand who aren’t already your customers. To prove that you still need a well designed logo think of the fact that no one every uses Burger King or Pepsi in examples of branding and they spend just as much.

So does it come down to exposure then?

Well I would say yes, at the end of the day you and I could walk down the same road and be exposed to the same number of logos, but I may notice only the nike ones because I know the brand well. You however may notice Nike, but also a small local company logo that I’ve never heard of, because you use them all the time.

This means that you need to try to get at least your logo out there, all the time, everywhere you go, so take all the opportunities you can to display it, because if you do it will forge an instant level of trust in poeple who have haven’t met you yet. If you get a well designed logo then you increase your chances even more.

p.s this also works for your name, if people are talking about you or your name is thrown around online then you can meet people who have never met you but they feel like they know you. How many stars do you think you know well because you’ve read so much about them!

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Alan Fair


  1. James says:

    What a lot of tosh – the Nike logo cost the company just $35 as charged by Carolyn Davidson when she designed it.

    3 paragraphs in and it shows you’ve not done any research into basic fundamentals of a large brand history.

    • Alan Fair says:

      Hi James,

      I realise that Nike spent just $35 dollars on the original logo, but I know they’ve spent a lot more since then as the logo has changed shape over the years and they have various other elements that culminate in the brand identity, for example their tag line “Just do it”. So they have spent a lot of money on it in the long term, than what Carolyn Davidson billed them for.

      Also we’re missing the fact that Carolyn Davison could have either been lucky with the design (I’ve seen designers create lots of designs to get one that is right for the company ) or she could have been that good, completely understanding their brief and hitting the nail on the head right away and was honest about her billing time.

      The history documents that she created many designs and that she got a job with them etc… but the point I suppose is that not all designers are created equal.

      If you get someone who is cheap but does really good work then you’ve got yourself a rare keeper, but sometimes you need to pay a little more for experience and skill otherwise the big companies would go for grad students all the time.

      Thanks for your comment.

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