Simple chatrooms online, using text, audio, video or all!

Wed design Glasgow Owner of Contact MultimediaI came across this site during one of my research of new things on the internet and whilst this is not a new idea, it’s certainly got more of a Web 2.0 feel to it from most of the others I’ve used in the past.

What’s really good about this as well is how easy it is to use, honestly if you have a twitter or Facebook account login, choose a room name, invite people to it and blam! you’re good  to go – couldn’t be easier! You can even share your desktop with people, so it’s like having a free webinar program at your finger tips and will cost nothing!

Here’s the link

I’m going to try to schedule a chatroom session once every 1,2 or 4 weeks and give out web design advice, so basically a Q & A session, what could you do with it?

Before I do however I would like to guage how popular this would be so please leave a comment for me on this blog post, cheers.


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