Spam Warning – Western Union transfer is available for withdrawl

Wed design Glasgow Owner of Contact MultimediaTodays spam email is about Western Union.

This one comes with an attachment called ‘’ the content is very plausable, but you should ask the obvious question who is sending you that money. Generally you will know to be expecting it and if you are already expecting money then the totals should be completely different.

Also note that a typical sign of a spam email is the generic ‘Dear Customer’ if they have you’re email address and it involves money the chances are they have your actual name or at the very least a reference number you can check somewhere else.

I’m not familiar with Western Unions methods of transferring money, so I’m not sure how they alert you to the fact that there is money to be collected or if that’s even possible. Maybe the money gets wired direct to an account and the only notification is the person sending you the money telling you or you checking you’re bank statement.

Either way I wouldn’t trust anything that seems to good to be true like this and there are many examples out there.


Dear customer.

The amount of money transfer: 1037 USD.

Money is available to withdrawl.

You may find the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and receiver’s details in document attached to this email.

Western Union.

Customer Service.

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