Spam Warning – You have (6) New Message from Outlook Microsoft

If you recieve an email that has the below message and has a zip file called ‘‘ please ignore or delete it as it is a very clever spam email.

This is what the email states


You have (6) New Message from Outlook Microsoft

- Please re-configure your Microsoft Outlook Again.

- Download attached setup file and install.


One of the other tell tail signs is that it is addressed from yourself. Once you really look at it you can see things like the missing s for Messages and the fact that it’s asking you to reconfigure your email ‘Again’, which if you haven’t had to do that recently should hit the alarm bells.

The spammers are really getting better at these, so stick to the golden rule – ‘Don’t open an attachement if it’s not from someone you know and trust.

UPDATE - Here is a link to Microsofts own page describing how they send updates and what to look out for

Stay Safe

Alan Fair

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