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What things that would make your life easier in your business?

To be up front I’m doing a bit of market research here so I hope you all don’t mind and can help out by leaving a comment for us.

We have got recently got into developing specific applications that either run online or on the desktop for some new clients. In each of the cases I got talking to them about things that seemed to slow down their business or held things up.

For example one client received lots of emails from bands which were very big (Mp3s, videos, images biography’s) so this clogged up the email and their broadband line in the office as people tried to download them. This meant that sending or receiving other more important emails took longer and doing research for new bands was almost impossible.

Now they are about to send bands to a link with a form to fill in and everything is in a database for them. Not only that but they can now filter bands by category like style of music, band name, area they are based etc… so instead of digging through email they have the power to very quickly find a specific band.

So what I’m looking for is common problems you have in the day to day running of your business as next year we are going to be developing software applications to deal with these issues, some will be free some will have a reasonable cost attached to them.

I hope you can help

Spam Warning – Re: sending what you wanted

This is an interesting one and a slight departure from the usual banking spam emails.

The email below is quite clever in how it makes you think that you are the reason that your getting the email. First off you don’t know the person, but his name is David, a common enough name that you might not think about it and start reading the email as you’re curious.

So the way the email starts ‘yo mate, ok I’ll give you my trick’ right away for most guys this is how an email might start with some of your best mates, so you just keep reading. Then comes the little threat, ‘but if you give it away I’ll…’ which only serves to strengthen the believability of the email.

If you’re thinking I wouldn’t fall for that, think about the fact this is specifically targeted to a very specific type, so it wouldn’t work with you, remember spam fishes for people who will believe it’s a numbers game to them!

So the email goes on to make you just want to get right on and start betting, why? well it’s promising free money, this is where the alarm bells should be triggered, if it’s too good to be true then it’s probably is. In this case we know this or I wouldn’t be writing about it, however there are some people out there that would think because it tells you don’t do more than £1,000 a day that this means it must be true.

There is also a link to a specific casino website, which is obviously where they want to get you to go to and waste soo much money trying out the technique all day to get it to work. Now if it is a real casino you might actually get luck, why because it is a 50/50 shot, so even if you fail 9 times out of 10 that 1 time may make you think that it’s possible and it’s something your doing wrong. Now you’re in Gambling addiction area, something I’m not going to get into here, but just think again about who they are targeting with this spam email.

Lets face it, all Casinos do is look for patterns, so even if there was a hint of truth in this they would be on it right away, you might get lucky with a few of the smaller ones as they might not have the resources, but word spreads quickly in communities like that, but it’s fake so we don’t need to worry about it, but I’ll bet some of you reading this started thinking wow what if it would work on lesser known Casinos. That there is the power of suggestions, that’s why Spam can work so well, we all want something for nothing.

Finally as a convincer (which normally comes first and why it works so well here), is at the very end of the email where it actually has what looks to be an email from you to David. It’s short to the point and conceivable if you like to gamble a little bit or would be curious about it that you might have sent it and completely forgot, my how we can convince ourselves it it means free money!

So there you go some good lessons in there that can be applied to many other spam emails like lottery ones especially.

Stay Safe


Spam email below


yo mate, ok I`ll give you my trick but if you give it someone else I`ll fuckin kill you :) you know in roulette you can bet on blacks or reds. If you bet $1 on black and it goes black you win $1 but if it goes red you loose your $1.

So I found a way you can win everytime:

bet $1 on black if it goes black you win $1

now again bet $1 on black, if it goes red bet $3 on black, if it goes red again bet $8 on black, if red again bet $20 on black, red again bet $52 on black (always multiple you previous lost bet around 2.5), if now is black you win $52 so you have $104 and you bet:

$1 + $3 + $8 + $20 + $52 = $84 So you just won $20 :)

now when you won you start with $1 on blacks again etc etc. its always bound to go black eventually (it`s 50/50) so that way you eventually always win. But there`s a catch. If you start winning too much (like $1000 a day) casino will finally notice something and can ban you. I was banned once on royal casino. So don`t be too greedy and don`t win more then $200 a day and you can do it for years. I think bigger casinos know that trick so I play for real money on smaller ones, right now I play on elite vip casino: for more then 3 months, I win $50-$200 a day and my account still works. You`ll find roulette there when you log in go to “specialty” section – “american roulette”. And don`t you dare talling about it anyone else, if too many people knows about it casinos will finally found a way to block that trick. If you have any questions just drop me a line here or on skype.

c ya

—– Original Message —–

From: “efrengj” <>

To: <>

Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 1:14 PM

Subject: Please send me the system

> Hi david.


> Please tell me when you will send me your roulette trick?

> You promised you`ll send it few weeks ago :(


> Thanks in advance.


Are blogs still relevant & useful to a business?

Well first off if you’re reading this blog and if you find the information useful then the answer is simply yes.

The problem is that people want everyone to find it useful, a good blog or article will speak to the people that it’s relevant to. Just like any news story or latest trend will concentrate on the people that matter and forget the ones that don’t.

So with that question answered already here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re considering a blog for your website or just in general.

Don’t use the free blog sites, why??

  1. Yes you will save money, but the downsides are far greater. For example you spent a year building up all this great content for your blog, so you’ve got around 200 articles that are read often, you want to benefit from the traffic you’ve managed to gain and decide to incorporate the blog into your own website domain, this is a great idea. The problem is that you first of all need to transfer all the articles over to your new site, this is a very time consuming job (there are some free blogs that might let you back up and restore to a different install somewhere else, but generally your locked into the specific software you were using).
  2. This then leads to the real problem ‘redirection’ a free blog like googles own blogspot for example won’t let you use a 301 redirect, this is absolutely necessary if you want all those links you’ve gained over the years to mean something for your new blog home. So now you will lose all of that traffic, not to mention that mapping all the old links to the new ones will be near impossible and at the very least won’t be cheap. You also need to consider all the people who have bookmarked or passed on links to other people, you might lose a potentially big contract because you’re blog didn’t work.

So for the sake of getting the blog setup first on your own site it will save you a lot of time and money later down the line and let you take advantage of additional traffic you gain over the years.