Are blogs still relevant & useful to a business?

Well first off if you’re reading this blog and if you find the information useful then the answer is simply yes.

The problem is that people want everyone to find it useful, a good blog or article will speak to the people that it’s relevant to. Just like any news story or latest trend will concentrate on the people that matter and forget the ones that don’t.

So with that question answered already here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re considering a blog for your website or just in general.

Don’t use the free blog sites, why??

  1. Yes you will save money, but the downsides are far greater. For example you spent a year building up all this great content for your blog, so you’ve got around 200 articles that are read often, you want to benefit from the traffic you’ve managed to gain and decide to incorporate the blog into your own website domain, this is a great idea. The problem is that you first of all need to transfer all the articles over to your new site, this is a very time consuming job (there are some free blogs that might let you back up and restore to a different install somewhere else, but generally your locked into the specific software you were using).
  2. This then leads to the real problem ‘redirection’ a free blog like googles own blogspot for example won’t let you use a 301 redirect, this is absolutely necessary if you want all those links you’ve gained over the years to mean something for your new blog home. So now you will lose all of that traffic, not to mention that mapping all the old links to the new ones will be near impossible and at the very least won’t be cheap. You also need to consider all the people who have bookmarked or passed on links to other people, you might lose a potentially big contract because you’re blog didn’t work.

So for the sake of getting the blog setup first on your own site it will save you a lot of time and money later down the line and let you take advantage of additional traffic you gain over the years.


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