How the heck do I record something off my screen!

Wed design Glasgow Owner of Contact MultimediaI recently got talking to a potential client and during the discovery meeting over the telephone we talked about the fact that he wanted to be able to show a demo of his online software. Basically to show just how easy and useful it is to use and if we could do that for him. I of course told him that we can do that for him, but once we started to talk about budgets it became apparent that it might not be a possibility to do the video, even though it would be a great way to show off his product.

So we talked about various options for the project and I suggested that it might be something he could do himself, if he was willing to put in a little bit of time into learning the software and a little bit on what makes a good video.

Now it’s likely that we’ll be consulting on producing a script for the video so that it hit’s all the right customer buttons, but he can take care of the rest himself. The next step was software, what would he use, well I sent him this link which has many he can use and the great thing is that their free!

Screen recording software

Now it may well be that later down the line he gets the video completely redone to be fully professional, but at least now he can put together something to test and see if it’s going to even be worth investing in later and all at a price that fits into his current budget. Now that’s a win win situation!

This is what we do with every client, try to find cost effective alternatives to test out marketing ideas, that will generate more revenue, which you can then re-invest to get more marketing done and make more profit for the company.

If you are about to consider getting your website redone, give us a call or an email, we think you’ll be happy you did as we always over deliver!


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