Spam Warning – Lloyds TSB – You Have 1 Unread Message

This is a Loyds TSB spam email, the first giveaway should be the big list of other people that have recieved the email. This would never happen from a bank as it would be against the data protection act. Now I’ve had to blur out the list of people, but you can see there are about 25 email addresses there.

The next thing again is that when you rollover the ‘Personal Log on’ button you will see that the actual domain address is wrong the first part starts off like it’s ok ‘’  but it doesn’t actually end there it continues with ‘’ Which unless the is a / means that until the last fullstop and one of the usual .com, .net or many other ones the domain isn’t finished, therfore it’s not likely that Lloyds would ever have at the end.

As always the best peice of advice I can give is to login manually to your banks online account, so never click on the link in the email.

Lloyds TSB - You Have 1 Unread Message

Stay Safe


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