Spam Warning – You have 1 security alert

Ok so this one is for Abbey customers. Like the others this is a simple one to spot, First they use the typical default introduction ‘Dear Valued Customer’ any back emailing you would use your name or a reference number that you can easily check with.

Second if you hover over the link you will very quickly see that the beginning of the link doesn’t even correspond with abbeys own web address ‘’ They do however in the next bit have the abbey address in there, to hopefully fool you, but it’s the first part that is important. Just think of a house address you can’t put 123 my street, Glasgow, then have 456 the fake street, Glasgow and expect the mail company to send it to the second part of the address and not the first, it just wouldn’t happen.

Finally the content is telling you there has been a mismatch of your details, if you haven’t accessed the account in the last few days then it’s very unlikely it’s you and anyway the golden rule of any email telling you there is a problem with your online account is to log into the account manually like you normally would and it will either prove you still get access because you’ve just logged in or the system will tell you there is a problem and that you need to call a specific telephone number.

Abbey Spam Email

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