Have the big three email giants been blacklisted?

Hmm, well it would appear Google, Yahoo and Hotmail are having some serious spam blacklist issues due to be being on one black list particularly – sorbs.net

What this means is that there will be a lot of bounced emails across the globe until they do something about it, especially for us companies who use the lists to reduce spam on our servers.

So if you use SORB.NET blacklists you should remove them from your server for now. If you are one of the big three above, get yourself off the Bl***ing list it’s your responsibility to do so.

I’ve known that Yahoo have been on it since last Friday (15th Jan), but thought they would have fixed it by now. It does however seem very odd that all three of these email giants are on the list, could there have been a security breach on the SORBS.NET list? If so I hope they know about it!

*This info is correct at the time & date of this post.


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