Marketing Mini Series – What’s worked before

What’s worked before

This is a simple little concept, look at other companies in your field that have been around for a while and are successful as they have spent lots of time testing the marketing for you. Now you won’t get all the juicy details, but you’ll have a great place to start from and save yourself some time and money.

One thing, make sure you don’t just outright copy them, put your own spin on things, also check that they haven’t trademarked or patented anything, you don’t want to get into a legal battle with a company that has a good and long standing reputation, you’ll only harm your own.

Bonus Tip: When you talk to people at networking events and they say oh I already have that, ask them where they got it and why they were happy to buy it from them. This should give you a great idea of what your customers expect to get from the product or service you offer as well.

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  1. Emmett Hansen says:

    Sound good. Its also my favorite topic.That’s great andthanks for the fine sharring.

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