Getting to know us

Alan Fair


Alan will stop at nothing to make sure a project is within budget, on time and meets his very own almost impossible standards. He project manages everything, does most of the meetings and makes sure that every client has his own personal mobile number to ensure that if they have a problem he will fix it.

Stephen Davidson

Head Developer

Stephen is the backbone of the technical stuff. He insists that standards are followed at every turn sometimes even at our own expense. This means that clients get the absolute best product for their investment.

David Sime

Head Marketer

David loves to come up with new creative ways to get to your target market. He even loves doing all the, what we would consider, boring research into the markets.

His skills are really impressive when it comes to reports that allow you to truly understand what your market wants from your business and then how you can easily reach them.

Andrew Morgan

Lead Designer

Andrew is a uniqe designer, his brain really was born to be creative.

He has the ability to create any style of design just by looking at 1 example of what you are looking for. Don’t worry the work is always unique, but it does mean you get exactly what you want.

Josef Oberckal

Flash Developer

Josef has proven himself to be very resourceful when it comes to fixing client issues.His standards for clean, well laid out, fully commented & documented code is a very rare skill these days in developement.

He knows a few other programming lanuages and is currently attending a part-time course at college to improve his skills mainly in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Stephen Maxwell


Stephen has the great ability to help a client visualise what their site will look like. He takes great care in listening to the needs of a client and then very quickly translating that to a fantastic design.

He has a wide range of expertise that stems all the way from leaflets to product packaging design, so no matter what is required he can create the branding that will be consistaent throughout.

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