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Computer for £15 ($25) – WOW

This could be the next big invention to help education in third world countries, 700Mhz processor, 128MB RAM.

Check out the video below for more details.

Page speed vs Relevance in Google – What matters?

This is something us web developers struggle with knowing and it’s good to have the record set straight. It will also help you to know that relevancy is still king.


Geekout – Rubiks solved by Lego

So if you hadn’t worked it out by now you’ll know I’m a bit of a geek, ok completely a geek, but I’m very comfortable with that stereotype. So when I cam across this video I just couldn’t help myself I had to share it with you all. Lego and Rubiks puzzles were two of my favorite all time toys when I was growing up, next was the computer (if you hadn’t guessed). This is really impressive in so many ways, engineering, programming and pure creativity.

Just in case you were wondering what the world record is for a human solving a rubiks cube, it’s not the fabled 12 seconds everyone seem to think it is, it’s actually 7.08s trust me that is super quick! Want some proof ok I can do that, just watch the video below.

Man that’s so cool, hey I did warn you that I was a geek and if you’ve read this post and watched the videos you may just be one too!