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Social Media Under Attack – AGAIN!

New password-stealing virus targets Facebook

Hackers have flooded the Internet with virus-tainted spam that targets Facebook’s estimated 400 million users in an effort to steal banking passwords and gather other sensitive information.

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I can’t trust my Anti-virus

If you are not sure you can trust your anti-virus program to know about every single virus out there, especially if you’re running a free one, then I would recommend going to this site to get your file scanned by many anti-virus programs.


Spam Warning – Update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express (KB910721)

This is a clever spam email as it makes you think there is a security update for your email program, and who doesn’t want their email to be as secure as it can be.

For people in the know, it is common knowledge that the only way you should get updates for windows, Outlook or any Microsoft product is generally through Microsoft update in Microsoft Windows or their actual website. For everyone else they may just think this is Microsoft being kind and that they got the email address because it’s a Microsoft product and that they want to help you avoid being taken advantage of by scammers or hackers.

Of course that is exactly what some people think and go ahead and extract the zip file try to run the update and get themselves a trojan virus which gives the spammer/hacker control of your machine or something else like logging all your keystrokes for user names and passwords.

All I can say is obey the Microsoft update rule and only get it direct from them and always copy and paste the subject into google as you will most likely find a site at the top telling you it’s a spam email, oh and make sure your antivirus and malware checkers are up to date.

One more thing generally updates are version specific, so if you know your software has many versions this should give you a hint that there is something not quite right, so double check with the main company website if you want to be sure.


What the Attached Zip file is called:

Brief Description

Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express. This update is critical and provides you with the latest version of the Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express and offers the highest levels of stability and security.


* Install Update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express (KB910721). To do this, follow these steps:

1. Run attached file officexp-KB910721-FullFile-ENU.exe

2. Restart Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express

System Requirements

* Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000; Windows 98; Windows ME; Windows NT; Windows Server 2003; Windows XP; Windows Vista

* This update applies to the following product: Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express