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PPC – Google Adword basics revealed!

Just a quick one today, if Google Adwords confuses you then head over to the wordtracker site put in your email address and you’ll have a PDF that helps explain it all.

I can’t trust my Anti-virus

If you are not sure you can trust your anti-virus program to know about every single virus out there, especially if you’re running a free one, then I would recommend going to this site to get your file scanned by many anti-virus programs.


Keep your data safe from a crash & backup your files for free

I’ve look all over the net and the following seems to be the best backup system out there. You get 2GB free, which should be more than enough for most people with documents to backup. If you need a little more let them email your contacts and get an extra 10GB free, so that’s 12GB FREE in total.

It even works on Mac, although how well, you’ll need to let me know ;-)

If it doesn’t work or you don’t like it you can try this one as it seems to be the next best one on the market (2GB free and also works on Mac now).

Keep your data safe from a crash and back it up online.

P.S Did I mention that you can access the files from anywhere through a browser, NO, well you can.