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Merry Xmas Card

I’d like to wish everyone a merry xmas – Here is our online card for this year

We’ll be donating money to a charity for each person we send this to and who views it on here. The charity is still to be decided so add you comment for a charity you’d like us to consider.

We’ll also offset the additional server usage from the viewing of the online card by buying additional carbon credits.

Thanks everyone!

Alan Fair

What things that would make your life easier in your business?

To be up front I’m doing a bit of market research here so I hope you all don’t mind and can help out by leaving a comment for us.

We have got recently got into developing specific applications that either run online or on the desktop for some new clients. In each of the cases I got talking to them about things that seemed to slow down their business or held things up.

For example one client received lots of emails from bands which were very big (Mp3s, videos, images biography’s) so this clogged up the email and their broadband line in the office as people tried to download them. This meant that sending or receiving other more important emails took longer and doing research for new bands was almost impossible.

Now they are about to send bands to a link with a form to fill in and everything is in a database for them. Not only that but they can now filter bands by category like style of music, band name, area they are based etc… so instead of digging through email they have the power to very quickly find a specific band.

So what I’m looking for is common problems you have in the day to day running of your business as next year we are going to be developing software applications to deal with these issues, some will be free some will have a reasonable cost attached to them.

I hope you can help