Marketing Mini Series – What’s worked before

What’s worked before

This is a simple little concept, look at other companies in your field that have been around for a while and are successful as they have spent lots of time testing the marketing for you. Now you won’t get all the juicy details, but you’ll have a great place to start from and save yourself some time and money.

One thing, make sure you don’t just outright copy them, put your own spin on things, also check that they haven’t trademarked or patented anything, you don’t want to get into a legal battle with a company that has a good and long standing reputation, you’ll only harm your own.

Bonus Tip: When you talk to people at networking events and they say oh I already have that, ask them where they got it and why they were happy to buy it from them. This should give you a great idea of what your customers expect to get from the product or service you offer as well.

Marketing Mini Series – Find your ideal customer

Find your ideal customer

Look at all your current customers, are there any that you’ve thought ‘I wish all my customers were like them?’ If you do then write down all their traits that make them a good customer then simply look for other businesses that share those same traits. Change all your marketing material in line with this new target after you have confirmed first on a small scale that it works.

If you don’t have one then think of what the ideal customer would be then try to target them.

Bonus Tip: Work out all the things you did for that ideal customer just in case your approach was different from how you normally deal with customers, you never know you may inadvertently have made them into your ideal customer!! How good would that be, the ability to turn average customers into ideal ones, isn’t that worth a day or two of your time and effort to work out??

Alan Fair

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Are you sick of trying to arrange a meeting with somone only to go back and fourth

I’m free this day at this time and that day in the morning only and….Yeah it’s a right pain isn’t it!

Well I was trying to think of a way to solve this issue as I’ve been meaning to arrange many one to ones with people and some phone calls, but trying to work out when and who I can tell for what time or date it’s always a pain to do. Never mind the worrying that comes with double booking a meeting.

After a bit of research I was glad to see that someone else thought this was something that needed to be fixed, BEHOLD you new best online friend it’s hassle free takes about 15-20 mins to setup properly, but will save you endless time in back and forth emails or calls, OH did I mention it’s completely FREE! It syncs with almost anything and there is even an iPhone app to make sure you never double book.

If you would like to arrange a one to one meeting with me, I’m giving a free 30 min session to analyse your website or online marketing strategy this can be in person in Glasgow or on the phone (Skype soon when I get it all setup) for the people that are a bit further out.