Geekout – Rubiks solved by Lego

So if you hadn’t worked it out by now you’ll know I’m a bit of a geek, ok completely a geek, but I’m very comfortable with that stereotype. So when I cam across this video I just couldn’t help myself I had to share it with you all. Lego and Rubiks puzzles were two of my favorite all time toys when I was growing up, next was the computer (if you hadn’t guessed). This is really impressive in so many ways, engineering, programming and pure creativity.

Just in case you were wondering what the world record is for a human solving a rubiks cube, it’s not the fabled 12 seconds everyone seem to think it is, it’s actually 7.08s trust me that is super quick! Want some proof ok I can do that, just watch the video below.

Man that’s so cool, hey I did warn you that I was a geek and if you’ve read this post and watched the videos you may just be one too!


PPC – Google Adword basics revealed!

Just a quick one today, if Google Adwords confuses you then head over to the wordtracker site put in your email address and you’ll have a PDF that helps explain it all.

Another reason to have your own control

I sometime ago put together a list of reasons of why to use your own blog software that you can backup and not one of the generic free ones that are out there. You can read that post Are blogs still relevant & useful to a business.

This is especially true for businesses as it should be treated as an asset, a record of your expertise, all the problems you solve, the comments made by fans of your blog, all the opinions you have. If you don’t value all of that then you have nothing to worry about and probably shouldn’t be spending the time putting the posts online.

This is a real world example of why this is important to maintain your own copy of your blog, you never know what subject might be the next to go See Article.

Ok so this one is about potential pirated MP3′s, but think about the fact that you have no control over the information you put up there, Google or whoever else runs you’re blog can just whisk it away at any time.