Bing maps – better than Google maps

Well Bing, Microsofts new search engine is really pushing what’s called Mashups. This is where different technologies on the internet are mixed together to essentially create a new experience. What they show in the video below is the potential for maps at street level, but with other peoples photos that are free to use from Fliker. They match up these photos to the buildings so you can essentially see what it was like when the person was there.

This is quite exciting for Photographers, but also everyone else as you get to experience things you may have missed, next step video??


Inkless printing, almost no consumables!

I was doing my usual rounds online and came across this printer that I thought I should share with everyone. It will take some time for it to come over here as it’s a Japanese invention, but when it does it will finally make all the other printing companies realise that they can’t charge ridiculous amounts of money for cartridges & toner. It’s only Black ink printing at the moment, which is fine for the majority of prints a business would need, but I’m sure they will work on a colour version as soon as they can.

I can’t trust my Anti-virus

If you are not sure you can trust your anti-virus program to know about every single virus out there, especially if you’re running a free one, then I would recommend going to this site to get your file scanned by many anti-virus programs.