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Got Windows 7, but can’t be bothered re-installing some apps

Wed design Glasgow Owner of Contact MultimediaSo you get the new windows 7 or you’ve had to re-install windows on your machine. You’ve lost all those great applications that you found online that were free.

What do you need to do? well here are the three annoying things that I had to do to find the programs I used, not just everyday, but occasionally once a year but it was handy to have.

First was that you had to remember them and find them online, second was to download them, then finallay third, spend all that time clicking next, next, next, tick the box I agree (of course I do if I don’t I can’t use the program and I’m never going to read you 1000 pages of terms).

If only there was a way to cut down on all that, if only some clever people came up with a site that had it all in one place, had a simple install procedure and only made you click next on the really important stuff.

Thank you internet and

This is one of my favorite finds in recent weeks as there are many programs I use on there, so when I get my brand new laptop this is going to save me loads of time!