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Why is there no space on my hard drive???

Wed design Glasgow Owner of Contact MultimediaI’m sure you’ve come across this scenario at least once.

Either you’re trying to install a new program or copy some files, but the system hits you with that lovely ERROR noise or if you’re lucky at the very least a little box saying insufficient space available.

So you think to yourself if only I didn’t have to go through all my folders and try to find out where the space is being taken up, because it’s going to take ages to do that. If only there was a program I could use to find out the folder sizes and files at an easy glance. At least then I can go to the biggest potential trouble spots quickly.

This is something all operating should have a better version of in my opinion. Anyway we don’t need to depend on them as other people out there know that this needs a better solution and thankfully have delivered.

For now the solutions below are for Windows only machines, I will do some research to see if there are Apple Mac versions (if you know of any please get in touch), I don’t think the Linux community need my help on this subject ;-)

This is a fairly comprehensive one and the is the software I’m using on my desktop right now.It’s got a really nice way of visualising the folders and files once it’s done it’s scan. it even colour codes types of files for you that you can click an it highlights then in the box below – Genius!

Cost: Nada, nothing it’s completely FREE!

This one isn’t as detailed as the one above but it does have the advantage of being portable, which means it doesn’t need to be installed. So you can stick on an external hard hdrive or Thumb Drive and run it on any windows computer.

Cost: Again Nada, nothing it’s completely FREE!

I hope that this is useful to you.

Alan Fair