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Marketing Mini Series – Email Marketing 1 message

1 message per email

One thing I see time and time again and that is someone trying to squeeze far too much sales into an email newsletter or promotional email. Now there are the rare types of businesses that can get away with this (amazon, dabs etc…), but generally most businesses should focus on one key message or product/service. People have short attention spans these days.

This may mean that you send out your email to a smaller list of customers or prospects that would be interested in it or you could hope that if they aren’t they will pass it along to someone else who is. Regardless try to target niche markets in your industry you should find it increases response rates and hopefully conversions as a consequence.

Bonus tip: Keep your email short and put the real detail on a separate sales page on your website, that way you can hook them in with a snappy quick to read email with only the main benefits to get them interested. This detail will also be picked up by search engines so you should benefit from that as well.

Clean your Email Marketing Lists

We were analysing a customers email marketing the other day and noticed wuite a few things about their emails lists so I though I would compile a best practices list for keeping your email marketing list clean.

Have your newsletter followers double enter their email address. This will help to avoid any email errors and reduce the number of bounces in your email marketing campaign and lessen the changes of your account being suspended from the company you use to send out emails with. Also make sure your form is validating that the email is in the correct format as this will avoid issues later when you send out your email campaign.

Make sure you spend time to check you list for common mistakes that may have been made with the email addresses. Things like extra spaces or symbols that shouldn’t be there, maybe even typos that look obvious.

Clean out your list by separating the email addresses that don’t respond for 6 months. put them into a different and possibly less frequent campaign or change the content as the current list isn’t responding to your campaigns. Use this as an opportunity to test some new techniques or format, you never know you might just convert them to a regular reader and find a better way to promote yourself.

An obvious one, but worth mentioning is to remove any profanity from your emails, Spam Filters will block these if you aren’t on a white list of some kind.

Well that’s it for another round of tips, if you have any leave a comment.

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7 Words to avoid in Email Campaigns

We were asked by a client to look at an email marketing campaign and give our thoughts on it (we’ll be sharing more tips over the next few months). when we looked at what they wanted to send to their customers we realised that it was going to be caught by Spam Filters they asked how they could avoid that.

The biggest part of the email that failed was the lanuage that was used. This mostly breaks down to specific words that Spam Filters will pick up on and use to evaluate the email as Spam or not Spam.

Here are 7 words you should probably avoid, we’ll build up a bigger list over time to help you
  1. 50% off!
  2. Free!
  3. Earn £££s
  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  5. Discount!
  6. Double your income
  7. You’re a Winner!

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