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Should you trust your I.T. Company to make you a website?

I recently had an ‘almost customer’ send me an email which basically said the following:

“Thanks for all your help, but the I.T. Company that looks after our computers are giving us a great deal on a website that we can’t refuse”

We haven’t discussed prices yet as we were trying to get down to what it was that they actually needed, so it’s confusing right off the bat, also why is their I.T. Company all of a sudden doing websites, I’ll address these issues in this post.

Disclaimer: I don’t know who the I.T. Company is, so they may have all the skill and knowledge necessary and if so good luck to them. This post is to get you thinking about the subject and hopefully save some people from making a mistake.

Now I’ve gone back to them with a few points of clarification, but some of the information I put in I’d like to share with everyone as I feel it’s important to at least think about these points before you make a decision like this. I’ve edited these a little for the sake of this post.

  1. Would you go to a web design company to take care of your I.T. needs?
  2. Price shouldn’t be your decision maker, any good web design company should be able to create a site for the budget you have available, it’s the value you get from what they can do that is the important thing. Yes you may sometimes need to spend a little more for some things, but if they demonstrate how that adds value to your company then it’s better than spending a few hundred pounds to get absolutely nothing back.
  3. I.T. has taken a hit with the downturn in the economy so they are looking to add supplemental services to make money. This means that they’ll take on almost any job they can that is loosely related to I.T. This also means that you’re potentially not going to get value for money.
  4. If they haven’t been doing it for at least 1-2 years, then they can’t possibly know all the pitfalls to look out for or all the standard that should be followed. Also years of expertise means you can get some complex features for very little money because a web design company that has been going for a while will have a tried and tested system.
  5. Do they know how to get the most out of your website, whether that be Social Media like twitter or Facebook, Search Engine Optimisation or where things should be best placed on the website for the maximum possible conversions of visitor to customer lead.
  6. Now some I.T companies do websites well, mainly because they’ve done them for a while, so check out their portfolio or ask to see some examples and compare it to an actual dedicated web design company. It will become quickly apparent if they are able to do what they claim to be able to and if your money will be well spent

This basically falls into the same category as my sister’s son is studying web design at college, so I’ll just get them to do it. Yes it will save you money, but it’s not likely to make you any either as the site won’t perform as it should.

The point of a website is to attract visitors and then turn those visitors into leads, so that you can then convert them into customers. Someone who is just learning how to put a site together generally won’t have the knowledge or expertise to pull this off professionally.

Would you get someone who is learning how to build walls, build your actual house? – I didn’t think so, there are so many other things to think about, electricty, plumbing, foundations etc… also what about the heath and safety laws, do you think they’ve had enough time to read through the thousands of pages that contains alone??

When you’re considering getting a website by all means get multiple quotes from multiple companies in fact I urge you to, just make sure the company you pick is one that:

  1. You get on well with
  2. Has a track record
  3. Can demonstrate how your site could add value to your company
  4. Can describe what you need in a language you can understand
  5. Will allow you to contact some of its customers

Hope this helps