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Can you network if you can’t talk?

I had an interesting experience today at a morning network meeting.

I have lost most of my voice to a sore throat and really didn’t want to miss a networking event. So I created a bunch of PowerPoint slides the night before with the usual questions and answers that you go through at these events and stuck it on my mobile phone. I even created some specific slides for people I knew would be there and that I had to talk to.

I did have to start talking eventually to get somewhere in some of the conversations, which my voice suffered for, but it gave me a good insight into what I may need to prepare for the next time and in my other sales material.

It has also showed me how to be more efficient in communicating my message in the future when I can talk again.

Something to think about, without talking, can you describe your sales information as short bullet points that will effectively get your message across to someone who knows nothing about what you do?