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Spam Warning – HSBC – You Have 1 Unread Message

Todays spam email warning is for one of the major banks HSBC. Now a lot of banks have this problem, so if you get an email from a bank that isn’t yours obviously ignore it, but if you get one for your own bank then really think about what it’s asking or telling you.

If it requires you to log into your account don’t ever click on the link in the email, go direct to the website in a browser using the proper address, then log in. If there is a problem most banks should tell you once you’ve logged in, if not you will very likely recieve a letter in the post, unless you’ve selected to only get digital letters. Even still with digital letters they should be accessible from the logged in account.

If there is an attachment to the email I think I can safely say completely ignore it everytime a bank won’t send any attachments, if however you know of a bank that does please leave a comment on this post and put in it what the file is and potentially why. This will help anyone who questions if it’s safe or not to open, thanks.

So on to the HSBC email, this one has graphics so I’ve had to take screenshots for it.

Here is an image when the email is caught in a spam filter. You will notice first the massive list of different emails, the bank would not send an email with this showing as that would be a Data Protection violation. Now you’ll notice a couple of crosses on the image, this is where images would be, but due to my spam filer it doesn’t show images by default. This can be important because if you download images the spam guys know you’re looking at the meail and will add you to further lists, so avoid this as much as possible.

Again as in other warning they don’t mention your actual name on the email it’s a generic ‘Dear Customer’ greeting, this is a good sign it’s spam.

HSBC Caught in Spam Filter

So most spam email usally have a really bad quality logo and the email looks nothing like a real email from them. Now I don’t have a HSBC account so someone else will need to comment on whether this is accurate or not, but in the image below if this came in it would look pretty convincing to most people. Also I looked into the code and they are actually using images from the real website so it’s a good bet that it is how the real emails look.

HSBC email not caught in spam filter

Ok so the final and best way to tell if this is actually a spam email is to hover on the login button to see what the actual link says that it’s going to. In this case it has the followin:

Now I’ve deleted a few things from this link just in case anyone thought to copy and paste it into a browser (please don’t).

If you break it down you will see that the real domain address isn’t right as it has everything after that doesn’t matter so much as some real links from genuine banks may have things similar in style. The important thing to note is that the real address should be (or .com) that one has an extra set of letters and numbers to it before the .com ’8njxvdic’ so this means that it’s a fake address.

There are many spam emails that follow a lot of the tricks employed in this one spam email so take note and keep an eye out before you click on anything.

Stay Safe

Alan Fair