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The World of Tomorrow (If The Internet Disappeared Today)

Wed design Glasgow Owner of Contact MultimediaThankfully someone thought about this and ran a little competition to find out what people would come up with.

Her’e the link to the site

For those who have no idea what the winner got it for, this is a prank that has been going on for a while now where it’s a bit like the ring a door bell and run away stuff when you were a kid.

Basically this is the same idea using video and the internet, although you easily get caught since it’s your email address -DOH! It starts of with something that would be relevant to the person watching it, then out of nowhere Rick Astley shows up singing his song – you’ve just been Rick Rolled!

If you still can’t get your head around it here’s a link to a blog dedicated to it and one of the better videos (there many good ones on you tube)

I really like some of the other interpretations on the site, I wonder what the world would have been like if the internet never exsisted at all, guess we’ll never get to know – long live the internet (or as my flat mate likes to call it the tinterweb)!