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Marketing Mini Series – Email Marketing 1 message

1 message per email

One thing I see time and time again and that is someone trying to squeeze far too much sales into an email newsletter or promotional email. Now there are the rare types of businesses that can get away with this (amazon, dabs etc…), but generally most businesses should focus on one key message or product/service. People have short attention spans these days.

This may mean that you send out your email to a smaller list of customers or prospects that would be interested in it or you could hope that if they aren’t they will pass it along to someone else who is. Regardless try to target niche markets in your industry you should find it increases response rates and hopefully conversions as a consequence.

Bonus tip: Keep your email short and put the real detail on a separate sales page on your website, that way you can hook them in with a snappy quick to read email with only the main benefits to get them interested. This detail will also be picked up by search engines so you should benefit from that as well.

Social Media – Can you believe these numbers?

So since you started reading this post the number of blogs, videos watched on You Tube, even new twitter members has gone up a ridiculous amount. A chap named Gary Hayes has created a nice little flash app that allows you to see the projections of the stats being thrown about, do you still think that you don’t need to get involved in Social Media?

If you don’t know where to start we have another post that allows you to start the basics of your social media strategy if you need help then why not get in touch with us and we can help guide you through the minefield of information and make sure you aren’t wasting your valuable time.

Do you know what your social media strategy is?

So you’ve probably heard so much about social media lately.

I know that I’m beginning to get sick of hearing about it, however it is currently a necessity in the online marketing world as your voice may not be heard if you don’t.

If your fresh to the online marketing area, here are 6 points to help you start to form your own social media strategy.

You want to:

  1. Sell your Services or Products
  2. Talk to or keep  your client base or potential clients informed/updated
  3. Provide proof of your expertise in your field
  4. Increase your Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine rankings
  5. Make new venture partners
  6. Grow your network for potential referrals

So you may have one of those in mind or a mixture or potentially one that isn’t there (let me know, I’ll add it to the list!). If you do know what you want out of it, choose one that aligns to your business and has what you think is the biggest potential. Only then can you begin to record and analyse the return on investment for the time and effort or even money you spend implementing your strategy.

What to keep in mind is that the best strategies don’t happen overnight. You need to have patience and for best results show your passion for your field and be truthful.

I hope this helps some of you out there.

Alan Fair

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