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Spam Warning – Your account has been temporarily limited.

This spam email is one targetted at people with a Paypal account.

Again like others a quick hover over the ‘click here’ will show the actual address to be going somewhere completely different from where you would expect, so be careful and don’t click it.

If you get a spam email saying something is time critical or important like the one below always go directly to the main site by typing in the address yourself, and then login to see if there is a note, email or letter in your account settings kind of area. This is good practice especially for any emails talking about your bank account.

Another thing with Paypal is that they will use the actual name on your account for any official emails, so it saying ‘Dear Customer’ tells me right away it’s a spam email.


Dear customer,

Your account has been temporarily limited

Click here to resolve the problem

Thank You.


Stay Safe

Alan Fair