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10 Seo Tips – 5 Avoids 5 Do Not’s

I thought today I would give out 10 tips for improving your Search Engine results, I’ve split it into Avoid and Do not’s.


  1. choosing a title that doesn’t match up to the content on your web page
  2. embedding text in images as users may want to copy and paste it or even more important search engines won’t be able to pick it up.
  3. not formatting your page with the proper structure, think back to doing essays in english, title heading, content, sub heading, content, sub sub heading, content. google and many other search engines will reward you for it
  4. having a complex navigation structure as search engines won’t like it but more crucially it may turn away visitors as they won’t know how to find the information they are looking for
  5. having drop-down menus, images, or animations for navigation only. Most search engines may miss out on some crucial links from your website. Also having the links follow the standards will aid in your sites accessibility

Do not

  1. hide text on your website, Google or another search engine may remove you from the search engine results.
  2. duplicate content on your site from other sites. True, Google does like content, but it needs to be original to help get you to the top!
  3. buy 1000′s of links and think “that will get me to the top of the search engines!”. Google especially like natural link growth over a long period of time and are coming down hard on mass link buying.
  4. link to every single person/business who wants a reciprocal link. Try to only link to sites that are related to your industry and will help your visitors.
  5. have the same anchor text for every link pointing to your website, try to change it to use various keywords that you want to target your site with if possible.


Flash is SEO Friendly

For any of you out there that still say or even hear the words coming from another web development company  “Flash isn’t Search Engine Friendly” go to this page and read the news SEO FLASH

Flash actually has been SEO friendly for a long time now, but most web developers aren’t experts in flash like we are so they shy away from it.

It’s time to dispell the myth once and for all!