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Do you want to cut out some SEO guess work??

Go to this site sign up even to the free account and be amazed at some of the information you can get. If you feel particularly adventurous, check out the pro account and get access to a wealth of Search Engine Optimisations information. You can even use this to analyse your competitors to see what they are doing to get ahead in the Search Engines.

Alan Fair

SEO vs SEM and what’s SER

I’ve had some clients in the past ask me about the difference between SEO and SEM, so I thought that I would describe it as simple as I can.

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation
This process is where you make your site friendly to search engines and visitors.
Think of it like having a shop and you arrange the product on the shelves so that it is easy for you to restock or re-arrange them, but it is also easy for your customers to find the actual products they are looking for.

SEM = Search Engine Marketing
This process is where you concentrate on getting visitors to your website.

Think of it like making flyers and adverts or spreading a good reputation through word of mouth to get the customers to visit your shop.

There is one more that I use called:

SER = Search Engine Research
This process is where you study your competitors and keywords for your website.

Think of it like walking into another shop and seeing what everyone is buying and what stock they carry and how much everything is. This is to see if you match up or beat them.

I hope that helps explain it.

Kind Regards
Alan Fair
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