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Google+ just what social thing is it this time?

Google Wave crashed, Google Buzz fell on deaf ears, but can Google+ add to our social life’s?

Google is in the process of launching their new attempt at challenging Facebook, let’s hope that they have learned from their first two attempts, Wave and Buzz, which were both terrible launches and complete disasters for users.

So a client asked me what makes this one different from the rest of Google’s social media attempts? Well they are allowing you to essentially divide up your social groups, which could either be really good or a terrible idea, time will tell.

So what do I mean by divide up the social group? Google calls this “Circles”.

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Check for your social media name across over 340 sites in one go!

Wed design Glasgow Owner of Contact MultimediaI had a previous post that had a site that checked for over 80 social media sites for your name. Now this was great and saved a lot of time and effort.

Imagine my surprise when I came across this site that has over 340 websites you can check in one go!

Different social media network logos

So without any further delay here is the link

Who knows Kevin Bacon – Network Theory

I’d like to thank Chris Sutherland from Docusense Ltd for highlighting this video. It looks like a very interesting program for the times we are in.