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Spam Warning – Western Union transfer is available for withdrawl

Wed design Glasgow Owner of Contact MultimediaTodays spam email is about Western Union.

This one comes with an attachment called ‘’ the content is very plausable, but you should ask the obvious question who is sending you that money. Generally you will know to be expecting it and if you are already expecting money then the totals should be completely different.

Also note that a typical sign of a spam email is the generic ‘Dear Customer’ if they have you’re email address and it involves money the chances are they have your actual name or at the very least a reference number you can check somewhere else.

I’m not familiar with Western Unions methods of transferring money, so I’m not sure how they alert you to the fact that there is money to be collected or if that’s even possible. Maybe the money gets wired direct to an account and the only notification is the person sending you the money telling you or you checking you’re bank statement.

Either way I wouldn’t trust anything that seems to good to be true like this and there are many examples out there.


Dear customer.

The amount of money transfer: 1037 USD.

Money is available to withdrawl.

You may find the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and receiver’s details in document attached to this email.

Western Union.

Customer Service.

Spam Good News – Nigerian “Scam Police” Shut Down 800 Web Sites

It’s not often that you get to read good news about spam, but here is a link to some information about a Nigerian spam ring that has been finally shut down!

Spam Warning – Update : PDLCBXGYGM

Ok here’s one spam email that is doing the rounds and even almost managed to fool a guy I know who would be considered a geek. Now the reason it almost got him is that the english is pretty well presented in the email, the information sounds very plausable. Sometimes with spam spelling and grammar can be quite bad,  but occasionally they get it almost right.

In the email below what they cleverly do is make you think that the link is actually ok to use by calling it a ‘private secure new link’

I’ll be honest this is one of those you need to know how Microsoft do things to know that they wouldn’t issue a link that wasn’t direct on their site or through the windows update software, which makes this email a very clever and dangerous spam email.

If there is an email that talks about updates from Microsoft always try the windows update first or the actual Microsoft website, they won’t send you an actual email unless you’re on some partner program, but that would be easy to know if it’s a real email as it will come from a much more obvious address and have proper links to their website.

Another sign is the jumbled up letters at the bottom, a real email from them wouldn’t have this, I’m not quite sure why it’s there, but if you know leave a comment for us all please.


Security update

When necessary, Microsoft provides a new security update on the second Tuesday of each month and publishes a bulletin to announce the update.

Occasionally, updates are released more often.

The links below go to the latest update download.

(Privat secured new link)

Each bulletin includes links to the security updates.

Microsoft has submitted a new update for all Windows OS web browsers, which brings a more stable and secure application, Internet Explorer version

The new version has no new functionality but fixes one security vulnerability that has been classified as “high”, the highest level. Vulnerability refers to the possibility of external attacks through Internet Explorer and Outlook Express . We recommend installing the update to keep you and your system safe .

Thank you, Adrian King Director of Security Assurance Microsoft Corp.



Stay Safe

Alan Fair