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Oh my, this should be interesting! Google to have tweets in it’s searches

Wed design Glasgow Owner of Contact MultimediaNow this is an interesting turn of events, especially after my post showing how searches and social media is part of a food chain. This has the potential to change that slightly.

For your tweets to appear in google is a crazy idea given how much rubbish is on twitter, but I guess if there is any company out there with the resources to make it work it’s Google.

So you ask what does this mean for me and how can I take advantage of this new marketing opportunity when it comes?

I’ll be writing a blog post once there is more details, but for now just think of the possibilities:

  1. You own a hotel and a guest who is really happy with the service and tweets to that affect.
  2. Someone online is looking for a hotel to stay in and searches in google.
  3. You show up because you’ve been doing lot’s of good Search Engine Optimisation and have worked on the conversion rates of your website, but you’re maybe only 5th or 6th on the google listing, but hold on you have a tweet testimonial that no one else has and it’s a good one, it’s very likely that the person searching for a hotel to stay at is going to click on your link instead of the one above it.
  4. Job done, you just got a click that other hotels didn’t. They might also have tweets, but they won’t be able to control them either.

Of course this can work the other way, so a bad tweet can cause you to lose business, but let’s assume that you are customer focused so that will never happen.

What this effectively means is that small businesses are probably going to have even more cost effective option to go up against the bigger companies, all you need to do is leverage the technology.

If you aren’t sure or just don’t have the time to be doing all of that (and it will suck up a lot of time at the begining to find your way around everything) then get in touch with us, we’re doing a free 20 min consultation with anyone wanting to look into social media or search engine optimisation.